System Services 

New System Recommendation $40

  • Need a new or refurbished  laptop, desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone? We will recommend the best option based on your needs and budget.

New System Setup $140

  • Need your new laptop, desktop computer, or tablet setup?  We will take care of you by setting up your user account, email, virus and security protection, operating system updates, internet connection, and printer connection. 

Operating System Installation or Upgrade $100 

  • Installation of any system of your choice. Installation of the most current updates and drivers.  Operating system cost is not included  

 Software Installation or Upgrade $40

  • Need new software installed or upgraded? We install new office suites or upgrade existing ones, need some software for a certain need but you are unsure what to use? Let us know and we will recommend the solution and then install it. 

 Additional Services

Hard Drive Replacement / Upgrade $50 
Memory Upgrade $50
Parts cost is not included, call for prices

Smart TV Set-up or Troubleshoot $70 

  • Need your new smart tv set-up or is your existing one giving you a hard time? We will connect your smart tv to your internet connection and get your favorite apps working like YouTube, Netflix. etc.

Apple TV / Android Box Set-up or Troubleshoot $70 

  • Need your new Apple TV or Android box set-up or is your existing one giving you a hard time? We will get you connected and get your favorite apps working like YouTube, Netflix. etc.  

Windows 10 Training $70 

  • Frustrated with the newer versions of Windows? We will show you how to use your system in the most effective way. 1 hour hands on training in your own home or office.  

 VOIP Phone Set-up or Troubleshoot $70 

  • Need a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone set-up or is your existing one giving you a hard time?  Let us get our hands on it, and you will be in business in no time.  

Data Services 

Data Recovery from Damaged Drives $150 /  $450

  • Level 1 - The drive has minor logical errors. $150 
  • Level 2 - The drive has major logical errors. Using specialized software we can recover the data, this can take from 2 to 4 days. $450
There is no charge if we do not recover your data unless one of the below applies:
  • We have to pick up or drop off your drive
  • We have to remove the drive from the PC, Laptop, or external drive enclosure 
otherwise there is a $40 service fee that is payable upfront 

Data Migration $50 and up 

  • We migrate data from undamaged old hard drives and devices to new hard drives and devices.

Recover Deleted or Lost Files $50 and up

  • We specialize in retrieving deleted or lost files from undamaged storage media such as flash drives, memory cards, etc. 

 Hard Drive Replication $150 

  • If your hard drive is running out of space, we can replicate your entire system and copy it to a new larger hard drive. Hard Drive cost is not included

Data Back Up Solutions $60 and up

  • Protect yourself from a hard drive failure by making sure your data is backed up. Your family pictures, videos, business & personal documents are irreplaceable. We will recommend and implement the right solution be it an external drive or a secure cloud service.

Printer and Network Services 

 Printer Set-up or Troubleshoot $70 

  • Need a new printer set-up or is your existing one giving you a hard time? We work with regular and wireless printers  Let us get our hands on your printer and we'll get you printing in no time. Includes configuring 1 device to use the printer.

 WiFi Network Set-up or Troubleshoot $70 

  • Want to break free from your Ethernet shackles and connect to the world without wires? We can help get your new or existing WiFi network up and running, and with proper security measures to make sure your personal information is safe from prying eyes. Includes configuring up to 2 devices to use the wireless network. 

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